Good Students


  1. 1. APPRECIATIONS the good in orders.

  2. 2. BRAVES the challenges and difficulties of life.

  3. 3. Is COURTEOUS to everyone: submissive to the elders, friendly with his/her peers and gentle to the juniors.

  4. 4. DOES his/her best while seeking God’s blessing and others help.

  5. 5. ENCOURAGES others in the pursuit of common goal.

  6. 6. FOLLOWS high ideals and others, even when hurt to the quick.

  7. 7. Is always GENTLE in his/her dealing with others, even when hurt to the quick.

  8. 8. Is always HONEST, overcoming the urge to lie and cheat.

  9. 9. INSISTS on fair play: courage’s in defeat, applauding the victorious opponent.

  10. 10. Does not JUDGE anyone from hearsay.

  11. 11. Is KIND in thought, word and deed.

  12. 12. LENDS a helping hand at home, in school and to those in need.

  13. 13. MAKES stepping stones of failures.

  14. 14. NEVER puts off for tomorrow what he/she can do today.

  15. 15. OBSERVES his/her personal time-table faithfully.

  16. 16. Is always PUNCTUAL, Punctilious and peace loving.

  17. 17. Is QUICK to apologize and slow to take offence.

  18. 18. RESPECTS the old, the poor , disabled and the strangers.

  19. 19. STRIVES to develop his/her potential to the full

  20. 20. Is TRUTHFUL and trustworthy at any cost.

  21. 21. URGES the weak/lazy/less talented to emulate heroes of ordinary life.

  22. 22. VENERATES the image of God in every human being.

  23. 23. Is WILLING to accept whatever work is assigned.

  24. 24. YEARNS FOR THE COMMON GOOD, the good name of his/her family, school, neighbourhood, town and state, above all, the honour and glory of the motherland.